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SuperM X MARVEL Comic Character Graphic T-Shirt

SuperM X MARVEL comic character graphic printed t-shirt

-This product is intended for people over the age of 14 and is not intended for children.

1. Do not soak in detergent-free water, and do not leave it in a condensed state after dehydration.
2. Be sure to separate and wash white and colored products separately.
3. Do not leave it wet with sweat or water for a long time, and rinse thoroughly in the shade to prevent detergent components from remaining.
4. There may be lint or fabric tamping when strong friction or force is applied.
5. Do not dry hot air. Hot air drying may cause deformation of the exterior.
6. Damage to the product due to consumer's carelessness is not compensated, please be sure to observe the above.
7. There may be a size difference when cutting or sewing. (±1~2cm)

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