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SuperM 100 AR Fabric Poster

Photo printed AR fabric poster

1. This product is fragile to sharp objects or fire and requires attention.
2. Depending on the mass production process, the seam may be loosened and the print of the product splashes.
3. Hand wash lightly in warm water.
4. Color may fade due to washing.
5. Partial contamination should be wiped off immediately with a neutral detergent and line dry in the shade.
6. Do not bleach or dry.
7. Do not submerge in water for a long time.
8. Due to the nature of the material, washing cause fibers or stains. Please wash alone.
9. There may be size and weight errors depending on the measurement method.

**AR APP guide will be announced later

Dimensions: 40" x 26.8"

Material : Polyester, Metal

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