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SuperM The 1st Album 'Super One' Digital Album

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SuperM’s 1st album ‘Super One’ will be released on September 25th.

The album features 15 tracks highlighting SuperM’s energetically hopeful vibe, conveying the members' collective message that we are all “Super” beings with each “One” of us having power, and together as “One”, we can overcome any hardship.

Each member version of the album includes a track, narrated by the corresponding member of SuperM, which delivers the core message of the “Super One” Project.

The member versions of the album are a DTC exclusive on the SuperM official website and SM Global Shop Website.


1. One (Monster & Infinity)

2. Infinity

3. Monster

4. Wish You Were Here

5. Big Chance

6. 100

7. Tiger Inside

8. Better Days

9. Together At Home

10. Drip

11. Line ‘Em Up

12. Dangerous Woman

13. Step Up

14. So Long

15. With You

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